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Resetting your AVADO OS

If your AVADO is completely messed up or if you just want to start from scratch - follow these steps.

Why Reset your AVADO OS?

  • You cannot connect to the AVADO any more - you’re locked out
  • You accidently uninstalled a core package and now get errors running the system
  • You want to start again from a fresh install

How do I Reset My AVADO OS?

This is an advanced procedure - only to be used when your OS needs to be fixed and is beyond repair.

Performing this procedure will remove all data that is stored in any of the previously installed packages. Make sure you have copies of your staking keys - all data will be lost !

STEP ONE: connect your AVADO to a monitor

Hook up an USB keyboard to any of the available USB ports of your AVAOD and connect a monitor using a HDMI cable to the HDMI port of the AVADO (TIP: a TV with a HDMI cable works perfect)

STEP TWO: log in to the AVADO

You will see a command prompt

AVADO login:

Type in the username avado and press return

AVADO login: avado

Now type avado and press return. Note that while typing your password you will not see any characters appear on the screen, this is normal.

If this is done correctly - you will get a prompt like this:


Now type this command and press enter:

wget -q -O - | sudo bash

(to clarify: that is dash q , dash captial O , then a dash, then then a pipe symbol )

You will be asked for a password

[sudo] password for avado: _

now type avado and press enter

Now the reinstall procedure will start - which could take up to 2 minutes to complete. When the script is done - the AVADO will be restarted and you’ll end up at the command prompt again.

AVADO login:

When this is done - you should be able to connect back to the WiFi and the AVADO has been restored in its factory state.

If you have any questions on anything above or any suggested improvements please feel free to reach out on Discord