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QTUM staking & un-staking

What Is QTUM?


How to stake QTUM on Avado

In this video, we show you how to easily stake Qtum on your own Qtum node.

Investment Required

No Minimum Amount of QTUM staked

Lockup Period:


Financial Return:

Annual ROI: Currently ~8%

For latest ROI go to:

More information

For more information on how QTUM Staking works:

Unstaking your QTUM

Steps (on your computer):

  1. On the Avado Qtum UI, click the Download Wallet backup button. This downloads a qtum-wallet.dat file.
  2. Download and install the Qtum Core wallet.
  3. Start the Qtum Core wallet application.
  4. Click File > Load Wallet Backup…, select qtum-wallet.dat
  5. Next, you can send your qtum to a different wallet.

Here is a video by Matt Long explaining the process in more in detail:

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