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mev-boost is an open source relayer to optimized block builders. By using mev-boost even home stakers get access to MEV (Maximal Extractable Value) rewards when they propose a block.

When you enable mev-boost in your validator, you can expect to get higher block rewards.


Using mev-boost only makes sense if you run an Ethereum validator. So make sure you first install an execution client (e.g. Geth), a consensus layer client and a validator (e.g. Teku or Prysm).

You can find the MEV-Boost package in the Avada DappStore

Configure your Validator

You can enable MEV-Boost in your validator (Teku or Prysm) by clicking the check box, and applying the changes.

If you check the validator log, you should see entries like this from time to time:

Configure MEV-Boost

For most users the default configuration should be OK, but you can configure MEV-Boost via the Avado UI on

The default configuration uses the bloXroute (ethical) and Ultra Sound relay endpoints:,

You can find more relay endpoints at

Check your Ultra Sound Relay registration

If you use the Ultra Sound relay (default), you check that your validator has registered correctly by going to Next paste your validator address in the check registration widget on the top right. Your validator address (aka public key) is the hexadecimal address you see in the list in Teku, Prysm or your dashboard.