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AVADO Praise

Avado uses Praise to build a strong community by fostering a spirit of cooperation and mutual support.

Avaddin: Avado's Discord Praise Bot

Via Avaddin, a chat bot in the Avado Discord channels you can praise people for helping you. Avaddin keeps track of all “praises” and each month, the people getting praised get a reward (in xDai on the Gnosis chain).

Praising is easy!

To praise somebody, for example @sponnet, type the following in any Avado channel:

/praise @sponnet "for helping me understand my exotic firewall issue and helping me bring my Avado back online."

See more examples of praise: Writing excellent Praise

How to receive praise?

Before you can receive praise, you need to /activate. This links your Discord account to your Ethereum address where you’ll receive the (xDai) rewards after you get praised.

  1. On Discord, run /activate in any of the Avado channels
  2. Click “activate my account” to open the Avado Praise dashboard
  3. Sign the message using your Ethereum wallet
  4. After signing the message your activation is complete

At the end of each month the praises are analyzed and counted. Next the rewards are calculated and distributed in xDai on the Gnosis chain.

You can view the latest praises at