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This page will describe how to stake ETH with Stader on your Avado.


Stader is a decentralized staking pool for Ethereum that allows you to start staking with as little as 4 ETH. You will earn ETH and SD tokens by running a Stader validator.

More information:

Demo video

Here is a Youtube tutorial on how to create your validator. The video still gives a good overview of the process in general. (It does not contain the cashback which is explained below)

ETHx Validator Cashbask Action (NEW!)

Together with Stader - we are giving away free SD tokens for each validator you set up.

To claim a single validator go to the “Claim Rewards” tab

Then you will see a list of your validators - check the agree checkbox and then you can submit a claim for eah of your validators.

After a few seconds the button will disappear and a confirmation message will appear. Your SD tokens will be automatically paid out after some time (we will batch payouts and notify everyone in the stader discord channel)

AVADO support channel

Need community help? Discord: AVADO - Stader-staking