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What is Mysterium

The Mysterium package turns your AVADO box into a VPN endpoint. VPN traffic is provided by the Mysterium Network. You can earn crypto by renting out your spare internet bandwidth at home.

The fabric of an interconnected, open and democratic internet is tearing apart in the hands of corporations and governments. We are reinventing the web so that it becomes safe, accessible and private by default. As a grassroots and community-driven project, you are quite literally what powers our network.

How are we doing this? We are building: A global decentralised network of residential IPs who are incentivised.


Before setting up 

Watch this video 

How to install Mysterium VPN node on AVADO:


Setting up “Mysterium VPN” node

How to install and run it:

  1. Go to: “DAppsstore”
  2. Select: “Mysterium VPN node” > you will see a new page with information on it
  3. Click the “INSTALL”-button
  4. Wait … (a bit)
    Let the installer do the work
  5. Fill out “To which Ethereum address should Mysterium send your rewards” with your ethereum address
  6. Click on “Save and start package”
  7. You’re all set!

After the installation = configuration

You will be redirected to the onboarding wizard. 


You will need an account on

  1. Create the account
  2. Complete your profile:

3 parts are to be filled out in the settings page:

  1. Identity
    1. your identity
    2. your payout address
  2. WebUI security
  3. MMN integration (aka My Mysterium Network integration)

Don’t forget! To claim a node to your My Mysterium Network account - copy and paste your profile’s API token into the Node UI or Node CLI.


Anyone who knows how to activate OpenVPN on mysterium? I’m not able to turn it on.

AVADO support channel

Telegram: AVADO - Mysterium Club 

More Information