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Reset/Retrieve WiFi password

WiFi problems

I changed my WiFi password or disabled it & locked myself out of my AVADO

You need to attach a screen and a keyboard to your AVADO Get a USB keyboard and attach it to any of the USB ports of your AVADO Find a screen with a HDMI cable (tip: use your TV if you don’t have a monitor) and attach the HDMI cable to your AVADO. Make sure your AVADO is connected to the internet before proceeding.

You will see a login prompt AVADO login: _

Login with username avado and password avado

If you simply forgot your password, you can find it by reading out the config file of the WiFi package. At the console you type:

cat /usr/src/dappnode/DNCORE/

If you can’t login with the credentials as shown above, you should restart the container by typing in the folowing command:

docker-compose -f docker-compose-wifi.yml up -d

Still no luck ?

Download and install a fresh copy of the package, by typing in:

sudo apt-get install curl

It will then ask for a password. Type avado and press enter. The curl tool will be installed so you will see some output on the screen. Wait a minute for that to finish.

When you get back at the commend prompt, type the following command:

curl -s | bash

and press enter

It should show something like

Starting WiFi reset procedure
(then some more log lines)
OK - Wifi container restarted. Please try to reconnect to SSID=AVADO, password=avado123

Now you should be able to reconnect using the default password.

To exit the shell on your AVADO device - type “exit” and disconnect the keyboard & screen.