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This guide describes the steps of installing and configuring Nethermind, the recommended Ethereum Execution client.

Since “The Merge” on September 15 2022, Nethermind needs a beacon chain, consensus client to function. Make sure you install either Nimbus, Teku or Prsym. This is required to run a full Ethereum node.

Installation instructions

  1. Navigate to the DappStore and locate the dapp named Nethermind and Click Install
  2. After Nethermind is successfully installed it automatically generates a JWT token. This allows the consensus client (Teku/Prysm/Nimbus) to make a connection.
    Double check that your consensus client is running. Note that it might take several days to sync the entire Ethereum state.
It will likely take you several days to sync a full node even on a fast internet connection. Be patient, it will happen. Refrain from restarting Nethermind, this will make this process take longer.

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