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Manually opening network ports on the AVADO

Certain packages - like blockchain nodes - usually need to open a couple of ports on your router to work well.

Adrian Sutton from the Teku team wrote a great blog post about this:

The AVADO OS is able to automatically open specific ports on your router via UPnP. If UPnP is not enabled on your router, you need to open ports manually. The process is explained on this page.

Avado Ports

Dapp Port Protocols
Geth (mainnet) 30303 TCP/UDP
Nethermind (mainnet) 40303 TCP/UDP
Nethermind (Gnosis) 30305 TCP/UDP
Erigon (mainnet) 30309 TCP/UDP
Prysm Beacon chain (mainnet) 12000 UDP
13000 TCP
Teku (mainnet) 9000 TCP/UDP
Teku (Gnosis) 9006 TCP/UDP
Qtum 3888 TCP

Find out the internal IP address of your AVADO

Go to the AVADO admin UI - and click on the avatar image (the green circle in this picture) you’ll get a popup. Take note of the “Internal IP” - we will need it later.

Open your router’s web UI

Find out how to open the web-UI of your router by looking in your router’s manual, by looking the website of your ISP or by contacting your ISP’s support. Here we will explain how to do this on a Fritzbox 7530. Your brand may vary - and there is a generic tutorial on port forwarding here:

Add device for sharing

Go to internet -> permit access click on “add device for sharing”

Select your AVADO box and add sharing

Then select your AVADO from the dropdown list (verify if the IP address displayed corresponds to your internal IP address you looked up in the first step) and click “New sharing”

Add port forwardings

Fill in the ports that you want to forward. In this case we’re trying to open ports 30303/TCP and 30303/UDP which are the ports for your Ethereum node (Geth)

and for the second port

confirm port forwarding settings

You’ll arrive back at the oveerview screen - press “OK” to confirm these settings

Verify settings

And an overview to you can see that all is done correctly.

Congratulations ! Ports are now forwarded to your AVADO!