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Swarm (Mainnet)

This is the BEE client - configured for mainnet

Setting up your software

Setting up your metamask to interact with your node

  • Switch to the gnosis chain
  • add the BZZ token to metamask (token address is 0xdBF3Ea6F5beE45c02255B2c26a16F300502F68da)

Funding your node

  • get some xDAI (5 should be enough to get started)
  • purchase 1 BZZ from honeyswap (
  • get your public key address from your node. This can be found on under “Bee Node” -> “Public key”
  • send 1 BZZ to this address
  • send 0.1 xDAI to this address

Working with your node

You can use the integrated Swarm Dashboard to access your node

Backing up your keys

Go to go to “Download from DNP”

  1. type /home/bee/.bee/keys and press “Download”
  2. type /home/bee/.password and press “Download”

Keep these two archives on a backup medium - like an USB stick

Restore your keys

Go to go to “Upload to DNP”

  1. Select the keys.tgz file and type /home/bee/.bee/keys in the location field and press “Upload”

  2. Select the file password.tgz type /home/bee/.password and press “Upload”

Your files are now restored. Press the “Restart” button on the screen to restart your Bee node with the new setup.